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Back in Stock WhatsApp Alerts have amazing conversion rates

With 10%+ conversion rates on WhatsApp Alerts, you make 4 times more revenue vs email alerts

Rated 5-star on the Shopify  App Store

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Sample Back in stock WhatsApp notification

Easy to use and absolutely outstanding customer service

Christian Eisbrenner


Easy to use and absolutely outstanding customer service in order to get things up and running in no time at all. Great help and availability. Also very handy to use as customers tend to look more on WhatsApp messages than on emails. Highly recommend to anyone selling online.
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GPI - German Products Ireland

You are losing revenue if you use Back in stock email alerts 

"Ecommerce brands today lose 70% of revenue from Back in Stock email-alerts.  And they don't even know about it!"

"I want to personally help you recover this lost revenue"

-  Harshil,

Back in Stock Revenue Growth Expert

Founder - Back in stock: WhatsApp alerts

Harshil Adesara. Founder, Peppyduck

Most brands grow overall revenue by 5% in 60 days after working with me.

Recover your lost revenue 

Superfast and easy onboarding

Just 20 minutes to set up

Install the Shopify App, add a few details and done!

Seamless, no code setup

Whatsapp auto-enabled

Go live in minutes

Multiply back in stock revenue

Brands see back in stock revenue

grow 4 times!

20%+ conversion rate for Whatsapp

(vs. 5% for email)

Unbelievable 45%+ CTRs for WhatsApp notifications!

Ecommerce brands see revenue growth of as much as 3X
Beautiful Whatsapp Templates for high conversions

Beautiful Whatsapp templates

Beautiful, premium messages make your brand stand out!

Dynamic Product Image

Rich Product Info

Integrated Buy Now button

Simple Pricing Plans

Select a plan that works best for you. If you have any questions, email us at or send us a WhatsApp message at +44 7529 581 809 


WhatsApp messages sent from our number with Peppyduck logo

Peppyduck branding.

Up to 30 Free back in stock WhatsApp messages every month.


+ WhatsApp message charges. (Rate card here)


WhatsApp messages sent from your custom-branded number.

Remove Peppyduck branding.

Pay per WhatsApp message sent.

Low per-message rates, and high conversions for WhatsApp messages (ROI of 50X to 300X on your spends).


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