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Simple plans for everyone

Select a plan that works best for you.

If you have any questions, chat live with our 5⭐ rated support team.

  • Send 30 Free Email, WhatsApp Alerts

  • Customize Notify me, Signup Form design

  • Automatic back in stock alerts

  • Peppyduck branding

  • Multi-language


  • 500 alerts

  • Email from your domain

  • WhatsApp no. with Logo, Brand name

  • Remove Peppyduck branding

  • Min. Inventory

  • CSV download

  • Priority support


per month

+ WhatsApp msg charges

  • Everything in Starter +

  • 3,000 alerts

  • Reminders

  • Custom templates

  • Advanced multi-language

  • Grow social followers

  • Hide button

  • 24/7 Live support


per month

+ WhatsApp msg charges

  • Everything in Premium+

  • 10,000 alerts

  • Multi-location inventory

  • API Integration

  • 24/7 Live support

  • Dedicated customer success manager


per month

+ WhatsApp msg charges

The basics, done right

All the basics you need. Grow subscribers. Send automatic alerts.

GROWTH ($89)

Add the Notify me button in minutes

"Notify me" subscriptions (monthly)





Automatic back in stock alerts

Back in stock alerts sent (monthly)





Email alerts

WhatsApp alerts

Send alerts for specific variants

5-star support, when you need it the most

Set everything up yourself, or get help from our 5⭐ rated support team.

GROWTH ($89)

Basic support

Priority support

24/7 Live chat support

Customer success manager

Your brand, your voice

Show your brand everywhere: Button, form, and notifications

GROWTH ($89)

Send emails from your domain

Add your brand logo to emails

Remove "Powered by Peppyduck"

WhatsApp alerts from your number

Add logo and brand name for WhatsApp

Custom auto-reply for WhatsApp

Custom email templates

Custom WhatsApp templates

Make it your own: Customize everything

Customize everything to match your theme, language, and business context.

GROWTH ($89)

Customize button and signup form

Basic multi-language

Minimum inventory threshold

Hide Notify me button for some products

Advanced multi-language - Markets

Add an icon to the button (Get early access)

Double opt-in email (Get early access)

Multi-location inventory

Direct API integration

Intelligent batch delivery (Get early access)

Connect to Klaviyo & more (Get early access)

Highspeed button (Get early access)

Growth hyperboost, revenue through the roof

Grow subscribers, conversions and revenue from back in stock alerts

GROWTH ($89)

CSV export for all subscription data

Reminder notifications (Revenue +30%)

Grow social media followers

Grow mailing list (Get early access)

Notify me on Collections (Get early access)

Magic country code (Get early access)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone number do the back in stock WhatsApp messages go out from?

In the Free plan, the messages go out from our central phone number which has our logo and branding, but in the Premium plans you can have a local custom number with your brand's logo and  description.

How do I enable our custom branded phone number for WhatsApp restock messages?

We need you to purchase a new phone number to send WhatsApp back in stock alerts. You can add your brand logo, and all other brand information to this phone number. We would have loved to re-use your existing WhatsApp number (if you have one), but this is restricted by WhatsApp (more details in FAQs below)

Why can't I use my existing WhatsApp business phone number for back in stock alerts?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow re-using an existing phone number. When any tech partner (similar to us) integrates with the WhatsApp API, the WhatsApp phone number used by that tech partner is "reserved" for the services provided only by that tech partner. That's why WhatsApp phone numbers used by one tech partner are not re-usable elsewhere.


In addition to this, WhatsApp does not allow any existing WhatsApp phone number to be re-used by a tech partner who is integrating with the WhatsApp API. Due to these restrictions, it is now common for large ecommerce brands to use multiple WhatsApp phone numbers for different business needs.

What if customers reply to a WhatsApp message on the custom number? I already have a WhatsApp chat number, and I do not want customers to chat on another new number.

Don't worry, we've got you covered! We integrate the new custom number to your existing support channel, so if anyone replies to the back in stock WhatsApp message, they are smoothly redirected to your existing WhatsApp chat support or your "contact us" pages.

How it works: When anyone replies to the back in stock WhatsApp message, they get an instant automatic reply that says something like: 
"This conversation is used only for Back in Stock notifications. If you need any help, please tap here: +XXXXXXXXXXXX". 
The phone number added here is hyperlinked, and customers will get redirected with one tap. You can choose to redirect customers to your existing WhatsApp support chat phone number here or you can redirect customers to your contact-us or self-serve pages by adding a shortened URL.


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